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The importance of heat sink thermal paste

When building a new computer for your next gaming experience, you’ll surely need to make sure to keep your CPU as coolest as possible. Part of this cooling system is called a thermal paste, which is an essential component of any CPU cooling structure.

When trying to apply the best heat sink thermal paste to your CPU surface, the only thing you must really care about is that it will suit the CPU of your computer and that it will not harm the motherboard anymore.

Adding a hard drive to PS4, how is it?

The reason I ask because I plan on purchasing a PS4 really soon. With the reasons that compel me to add an extra hard drive to PS4 is that the space of stock drive is too limited. My issue is that empty 500GB HDD. I plan on purchasing a boat load of games off PSN, with a PS4 stock hard drive it is too small to handle large games, plus some Movies and I’m aware of the mandatory installs now in this generation. I’m indecisive in whether it’s a good idea to simply ditch the empty 500gb hdd, which seem like a waste and just go all out and install a 2TB hdd.